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At home, as well as in hospitality places, the terrace surface plays a fundamental role in enlarging the living space, especially when it’s enhanced by means of the most advanced open-air solutions.

An advantage that does not end with summer season: the pergolas for terrace, indeed, transform the dehors in a versatile space that can be enjoyed all year round. The only one from which you can also enjoy the best panoramic view and the climatic comfort  based on your needs.

Brera bioclimatic pergola, Bastione Lounge & Restaurant terrace, Garda Lake
Brera bioclimatic pergola, Bastione Lounge & Restaurant terrace, Garda Lake

1. Pergola for terrace

The pergolas for terraces are aluminium structures, light and solid, allowing you to take advantage of your outdoor space by offering a double shelter: from sun and heat as well as from rain and bad weather.

Characterised by a minimalist design, Pratic pergolas for terraces stand out for the adjustable cover with sunshade blades or waterproof and retractable PVC fabric, allowing you to adjust the degree of opening and protection of the pergola, following the weather conditions and your own comfort preferences.

The protection is completed by integrating the perimeter glass walls, whereby the pergola for terrace shapes verandas and winter gardens perfectly sheltered, which enlarge the inner surface of the building, by creating an additional room to enjoy season after season.

The glass walls of Pratic Glass series can be designed in many configurations depending on the different needs of use: the fixed models (Fix Glass), with hinged door (Door Glass) and sliding (Slide Glass 60) can be combined to obtain the most effective configuration.

Furthermore, the transparent tempered glass keeps the view on the surrounding skyline unchanged, thus limiting the architectural impact of the pergola for terrace which, both from the inside and the outside, looks always discrete and bright. On the other hand, if you are looking for an original effect or more privacy, you can count on the smoky, frosted or mirrored finishes.

Opera pergola with Raso vertical blinds, Milan skyline
Opera pergola with Raso vertical blinds, Milan skyline

The vertical awnings and the refined lighting systems by Pratic complete the must-have options for your pergola for terrace. RGB perimeter Led lights and spotlights in warm white shade that can be integrated into roofing and posts, create the perfect atmosphere to live the outdoors even after the sunset.

2. Bioclimatic pergola for terrace

Among the most in-demand products, the bioclimatic pergola for terrace represents the ultimate of comfort and technology as it is equipped with a cover of aluminium sunshade blades, adjustable from zero up to 140 degrees or retractable until compacting in a narrow space, which take advantage of natural elements to enlighten and aerate the environment.

Opera terrace pergola with pivoting blades
Opera terrace pergola with pivoting blades

Through home automation systems that can be recalled per smartphone or voice commands, blades can be operated at will in order to obtain the best climatic conditions, while limiting consumption and emissions at the same time.

A function that can be fully automatized by equipping the bioclimatic pergola for terrace with weather sensors that can detect rain, snow and wind as well as sunrays intensity, thus activating the opening, closure or the most suitable positioning of both blades and drop-down awnings.

3. Balcony pergola

Thanks to a custom-made design and a refined aesthetics, Pratic pergolas suit any installation context turning out to be ideal also for shading balconies of diverse dimensions.

Pergola Brera for terrace, San Michele Suite, Polignano a Mare
Pergola Brera for terrace, San Michele Suite, Polignano a Mare

In fact, each structure can be customized down to the smallest detail: from dimension to configuration of each module up to optional and colour. Exactly when it comes to colour, Pratic has developed a range of over thirty timeless and materic nuances using only certified paints with the highest resistance against humidity, UV-rays and saltiness for the customization of each balcony pergola. This feature allows the balcony pergola to perfectly match the style of any building, guaranteeing likewise a greater durability of the covering even when exposed to harsh weather conditions or installed in coastal towns.

4. Wall-mounted pergolas for terrace

Maximising the space of terraces and balconies can be easily achieved by using a wall-mounted pergola, which thanks to its configuration allows for a natural extension of the building without requiring invasive architectural interventions.

Indeed, Pratic models offer the possibility to fix one side of the terrace pergola to the outer wall to create a seamless environment breaking down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.

Brera bioclimatic pergola with retractable blades, private villa, Lavaux
Brera bioclimatic pergola with retractable blades, private villa, Lavaux

Moreover, more modules of different dimensions of the wall-fixed pergolas for terrace can be placed side-by-side to cover particularly wide areas, which can thus be used for outdoor living rooms, restaurant rooms, wellness areas and more.

Lastly, in case of narrower balconies with lateral walls or niches, the pergolas for terrace require the installation of the covering directly inside the niche to optimize the available space elegantly and discreetly.

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