Balcony awnings: maximum comfort in a small space

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A few square meters are enough to create a lovely view, able to bring even in closed spaces and elevated floors all the comfort of open air life. The balcony changes the appearance of houses, hotels and workplaces, thus creating a micro-environment of leisure and rest to be enjoyed in a versatile and functional way, depending on the needs. Enhancing its potentialities means, in fact, being able to count on comfort, privacy and practicality of the perfect balcony awning: an essential element to protect the outdoor area from sun rays and regulate, in a natural way, the temperature of indoor spaces.

T-Square, vertical drop awning for balconies
T-Square, vertical drop awning for balconies

1. Balcony awnings

For over sixty years, Pratic balcony awnings have represented the ideal covering for small and large terraces. This is because each balcony awning is made entirely to measure and with an elegant and essential design that fits uniformly into any architectural context: from the building in the heart of the city center, to the classic style house surrounded by greenery.

Balcony awnings of Pratic collection are also characterized by innovative patents and technology, which offer the best performance of use and durability, as well as the unique comfort of cutting-edge home automation systems, designed to operate the awning by remote control, app on smartphones and tablets or weather sensor.

2. Types of balcony awnings

When it comes to choose the most suitable structure for your outdoor area, you will have a wide range of choices. The most requested types of balcony awnings are usually divided into three categories:

Thedome awning

A true symbol of vintage balconies – patented by Pratic in the Sixties – which still maintains its charm today thanks to the integration of even stronger aluminum frames, high performance fabrics and practical motorization. Its characteristic rounded shape makes this type of balcony awning particularly suitable for protecting the space below from sun and light rain, covering the entire outdoor surface with its canvas.

The retractable arm awning

A natural evolution of the dome awning, the arm awning re-proposes its characteristic outward opening, thus expanding the extension potentialities thanks to arms that develop horizontally and can be adjusted in inclination, in order to create large areas of shade. The design is contemporary and simple, obtained through clean lines and the use of trendy technical fabrics. For these types of balcony awnings, technology is also an element of innovation, as they are equipped with automation systems that can be operated remotely or independently when weather conditions change, so as to protect the awning from possible damage caused by bad weather.

The vertical drop-down awning

The last type of balcony awning is the vertical drop-down awning. This solution is the most effective when the aim is to protect the internal and external space from sun rays and heat. In fact, drop-down awnings allow you to shield frontally the balcony area with fabrics with different filtering capacity and thus benefit from maximum privacy. An excellent alternative for terraces that are particularly exposed to light.

X2, vertical drop-down awning for balconies
X2, vertical drop-down awning for balconies

3. Drop-down balcony awnings

Drop-down awnings for balconies by Pratic offer a wide range of models designed to meet every need: in addition to the classic vertical retractable awnings, it is possible to choose also hybrid solutions that allow you to take advantage of the drop-down awning features, combining them with side rails with protruding arms, which can be blocked in a position perpendicular to the rail. Thanks to this anchoring system of the front profile, therefore, the drop-down balcony awning can also extend outwards, thus creating even more shade.

Drop-down awnings are also ideal when it comes to energy efficiency. Filter fabrics allow to totally shield the balcony, protecting also the indoor space and absorbing the heat coming from sun rays. Dark and densely woven fabrics are the most suitable for this purpose, as they are able to decrease the value of solar transmission and absorption and consequently prevent excessive heating of the spaces.

Balcony drop-down awnings are also the most suitable models for privacy needs. The correct combination of textures and colors allows the people on the balcony or inside the building to maintain their view of the outside and, at the same time, prevent the opposite action. In this way, if you wish to open the balcony door to benefit from air recirculation, simply lower the awning to keep the inner space perfectly private.

4. Vertical awnings for balconies

A key aspect of vertical balcony awnings is their ability to keep their fabric always taut and properly positioned.
For its collection of cutting-edge vertical awnings, Pratic has developed two innovations that allow a flawless use in every situation.

Power Spring System is the traction system with gas springs that acts on the tensioning of the cover, making it constant and homogeneous in any opening position of the awning and therefore not only when the awning is completely open.

Magnetic Lock System is the Pratic European patent, realized through a magnetic coupling, which allows the cover to remain taut and in position even in case of strong breezes, preventing the wind from blowing it up and detaching it from the front profile.

5. Motorized balcony awnings

The movement of motorized balcony awnings can be easily operated remotely: opening, closing, inclination adjustment, descent of the frontal valance are operated with a single touch on your smartphone or tablet.

Not only, motorized balcony awnings of T-Project collection can count on specific weather sensors that interact with natural elements in order to establish the opening or closing of the awning and preserve it from damage or wear.

In case of high temperatures or particularly intense sunlight, the electrical balcony awning opens automatically to shield the space below or the rooms inside the house. In the same way, in case of rain or strong wind, the awning rolls up into the aluminum box.

In addition to sheltering from the sun, electrical balcony awnings can have an additional – and almost opposite – function. The drop-down or retractable arm models of T-Project collection are equipped with an optional LED lighting system, which can be positioned on the front profile of the aluminum box that contains the closed awning and the electrical components. The balcony thus becomes usable even in the evening, thanks to a warm and elegant light, easily adjustable in intensity by remote control or app.

T-Line motorized awnings
T-Line motorized awnings

6. Retractable balcony awnings

For an optimal and long-lasting use of balcony awnings, a high-performance winding system is essential. Pratic, in fact, carefully designs its sliding systems with the aim of always guaranteeing maximum practicality and avoiding possible malfunctions.

The automation of retractable balcony awnings is characterized by a smooth and silent movement. When closing, the vertical drop-down awnings roll up through sliding systems with steel cables or telescopic rails, whereas the retractable awnings compact cover and arms in a reduced space, thus limiting the size and the aesthetic impact of their structure.

It is just the refined design of balcony awnings by Pratic that can be appreciated even when the cover is closed. Elegant and simple, the retractable awnings for balconies also offer an option with an aluminium box: a functional element, because it is able to protect the awning from bad weather and an aesthetic element because the box hides the rolled up cover and the technical components for a linear and neat effect.

7. Awnings for small balconies

Made completely to measure, Pratic roofings are able to adapt to any installation need, covering both large areas and terraces of limited size.

The awnings for small balconies can be custom-made to the last detail, from the size to the choice of extras and automations, to the selection of fabrics and fade-resistant colors.

In fact, Pratic offers a wide range of high-quality fabrics in acrylic, polyester or PVC that preserve their appearance, resisting to tears, deformation and damage caused by water, mold and UV rays. In the same way, the color of the aluminum components can also be customized using Qualicoat Seaside Class 2 certified paints, which ensure the best performance against sun, humidity and saltiness, making the awnings for small balconies ideal for coast hotels and vacation homes by the sea.

T-Line awnings for small balconies
T-Line awnings for small balconies

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