New lifestyles and new wellbeing

Whether it is a garden, a flowery balcony, a poolside space or a city rooftop, the pleasure of enjoying the outdoor space is incomparable and also offers numerous benefits to the mental and physical balance of an individual. For this reason, it’s normal to want a Pratic sun awning or pergola if you love design and minimal style.

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Designing new comfort rooms, flooded with light and the beauty of the outdoor context requires knowledge and skill. Practic’s half a century long experience is a heritage made available to the customer: because needs change depending on the place of installation, the available surface area, the climate and surrounding environment, the intended use (private or contract), municipal regulations, or much more simply, based on personal taste.

The range of outdoor solutions proposed by Pratic concretely meets every need and immediately allows us to see how the project will develop down to the smallest detail. Resellers throughout Italy and abroad, work together with company experts to verify every aspect necessary for the creation of the structure, which is custom-made and always receives all the attention offered for the most special projects.

A quality experience that allows you to choose colours, fabrics, accessories and automations and to evaluate their immediate application at a design level. A reserved area of the website gives the opportunity to architects and professionals in the sector to proceed with drafting their proposal while perfecting every last detail.

Pratic’s ability to interact with outdoor spaces is simply unique and is the element that gives each creation perfect and balanced features. That same connection that sun awnings and pergolas have every day with light is the subject of important studies which Pratic has commenced with a team of university researchers, who confirm that an outdoor structure plays a central role in the wellbeing of the human body and mind.

Pratic production is completely Made in Italy and takes place in the Fagagna (Udine) headquarters where the most ambitious outdoor projects become reality. Total quality presides over each production phase, which is carried out according to eco-sustainability criteria. The latter is an aspect that makes Pratic and its partners proud to propose a lifestyle in harmony with man and the environment that surrounds him.

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