Wall-mounted pergolas: the open-air living room

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The pergolas represent one of the most appreciated and refined piece of furniture to enhance outdoor spaces, in gardens or on terraces. As for the planning, we differentiate between self-standing pergolas, made of four supporting posts, which can be freely installed in an independent manner, and wall-mounted pergolas supported by two posts and by the wall of the house on which they are mounted.

Pergola bioclimatica Brera P in versione addossata a muro
Bioclimatic pergola Brera P, wall-mounted version

1. Wall-mounted pergolas: the advantages of the solution

The planning solution of mounting the structure on an existing wall offers various advantages, as:

1.      a big flexibility: the wall-mounted pergolas can be installed in different situations, both on wide surfaces, as gardens or porticos, and in narrower situations as small terraces, integrating themselves perfectly in the context thanks to light structures that can be easily personalized in a range of Qualicoat-certificated colors of 38 shades;

2.      protection of the spaces: the wall-mounted pergolas shelter, first of all the building on which they are mounted, protecting it from sun, wind and rain;

3.      don’t need any authorization: the wall-mounted pergolas don’t increase the house’s volume and don’t represent a permanent structure, in this way they don’t need any local authorization; but it must be a real “pergola”, that is a simple piece of outdoor furniture realized in a light structure, with filter covering and easily removable;

4.      they can be personalized with closures to become a perfect open-air living room: the wall-mounted pergolas of the Pratic collections, in fact, support closing systems with built-in vertical awnings (Raso zip) and sliding glass windows (Glass series) able to transform the pergola into an outdoor living enjoyable during the mid-seasons and in the cold periods.

2. Motorized wall-mounted pergolas: Pratic solutions

The wall-mounted pergolas offer the possibility to broaden the architecture of private houses or shops generating a new open-air space enjoyable all year long. As for the planning, there are numerous solutions; first of all the spaces can be customized thanks to the modular compatibility of the pergolas: with a single or many modules, they can cover any surface.   

1.      wall-mounted pergolas made of aluminum with retractable cloth;

2.      wall-mounted pergolas with blades, in adjustable or retractable version.

3. Wall-mounted aluminum pergolas

The wall-mounted aluminum pergolas with cloth made of PVC are structures with an essential design completed by an efficient motorized packing PVC covering: during the summer, it stops the heat and screens the UV-rays guaranteeing a perfectly shaded and cool space, while in the winter or in case of bad weather, it protects the underlying space.

The rainwater’s flow is perfectly managed on every model through drainpipes integrated in the structure: when it rains, the cloth’s incline makes the water flow into the gutters and then it makes it come out from the openings at the base of the structure. The cloth in PVC opens and closes packing itself down through a remote control or a special application designed for the home automation. The sensors regulate the opening and the closing depending on the sun intensity and the wind speed.

Pergola addossata in alluminio, modello Vision
Wall-mounted aluminum pergola, Visionmodel

4. Bioclimatic wall-mounted pergolas with adjustable or retractable blades  

The wall-mounted pergolas with blades use the bioclimatic technology, which regulates the climate in a very natural way through adjustable or retractable blades: if open, they protect from the sun and create a natural ventilation, if closed, they shelter from rain. The handling of the blades is perfectly motorized, remote-controlled with remote control or application. 

 The bioclimatic technology represents the technological planning avant-garde of outdoor structures and realizes the perfect union between awning, pergola and veranda. Here are the characteristics that mark a bioclimatic pergola with adjustable or retractable blades:

1.      Recirculation and natural air ventilation: thanks to natural energy sources, such as sun and wind, the space becomes pleasant and livable, by modulating sunlight and by regulating air flux;

2.      Light and comfort: blades system can be adjusted as regards incline (pergolas Vision and Opera), compact in a small space (pergolas of Brera series) thus letting the light fully enter, stop in any intermediate position or close offering maximum protection;

3.      Energy efficiency: the bioclimatic technology allows to reduce energy consumptions as regards ventilation, heating, conditioning and lighting thus respecting the environment and limiting the pollution;

4.      Comfort in the house: bioclimatic pergolas offer a natural comfort also in indoor spaces. The temperature is regulated by a simple and natural shading and protection system.

Pergola bioclimatica addossata con lame orientabili, modello Opera
Wall-mounted bioclimatic pergola with adjustable blades, Opera model

5. Wall-mounted pergolas: wood or aluminum

The most common material types to build a wall-mounted pergola are wood or aluminum. In summary, here are the advantages of both solutions. 

The laminated nordic pine structure of wood pergolas guarantees a sensation of warmth and elegance, to enjoy the new spaces in complete harmony with nature. For those who opt for this solution, it’s important to plan periodic maintenance interventions to refurbish the quality of surface treatments. Aluminum pergolas havea great relevant advantage: their duration. There’s almost no need of maintenance, thanks to the high resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature leaps. Moreover, the aluminum can be coated in any color: Pratic collection offers a palette of 38 colorings certified by Qualicoat. This recognition certificates that the treatment process of aluminum respects the strictest international regulation as regards quality and process. It allows to guarantee for the architectural applications the best level of paint adherence on the aluminum and the highest resistance to corrosive phenomena due to atmospheric agents.

Pergolato in legno Wood Plus di Pratic
Wall-mounted wood pergoa, Wood Plus model

6. Side closures and platform to create an outdoor room

Wall-mounted pergolas, like self-supporting ones, can be completed with vertical sliding closures that are perfectly integrated into the structure (Raso zip closures) or with glass walls of Glass series thus having at disposal a “real open air room”.

For Raso closures, there are many solutions as regards fabrics:

1.      Micro-perforated or Screen: it’s a yarn made of glass fiber with very small holes able to protect from sunlight and UV rays without darken to much but at the same time guaranteeing a natural ventilation able to refresh during the warm season; moreover, screen fabric guarantees privacy: the view towards the outdoors is veiled but clean, while those who are outside can’t see anything;

2.      Cristal: this is not a real fabric but a PVC film that is waterproof, fireproof and completely transparent. For this reason, Cristal fabric allows a clean view both from the inside and from the outside as through a glass.

3.      Acrylic fabrics: more than 200 fabrics among the collections of top international companies with high resistant seams of Tenara yarn®;

4.      Soltis fabrics: made of PVC coated polyester, extremely resistant, it rejects up to 95% of solar heat thus limiting the use of air conditioning;

The glass walls of Glass series allow a panoramic view and guarantee at the same time protection and brightness. They protect the pergola from rain, wind, noise and dust thanks to the 10 or 12 mm thickness security panels made of tempered glass.

To complete the room, the wall-mounted pergola can be incorporated into the wood platform Set by Pratic, a design solution that gives a high aesthetic value to the context and, at the same time, it solves the problem of soil slope. It can be customized with the most common flooring types.

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