Design and natural comfort: the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola

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An ideal living space combining protection and opening, design and sustainability, both indoors and outdoors in a unique structure.
That is the case with bioclimatic pergolas, among the most advanced and functional shading systems, as they can enhance open-air spaces all year round always providing a natural climatic comfort, which allows consumptions, costs and emission to be reduced.

1.The bioclimatic technology

Distinguishing feature of each bioclimatic pergola is its covering equipped with aluminium sunshade blades that allow adjusting room lighting, shading and ventilation at will by means of two different motorised operations:

  • in case of bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable blades, these can rotate from zero up to 140° therefore assuming any intermediate inclination depending on desired lighting and ventilation;
  • bioclimatic pergolas with retractable blades allow the covering to slide backwards, whereby the sunshade blades compact in a narrow space, thus opening an authentic window to the sky.

The research for total and sustainable comfort is indeed at the basis of bioclimatic technology: a result achieved through this type of shading system simply by harnessing the natural elements, such as sunlight and wind, and actively responding to changing weather conditions.

Opera bioclimatic pergola with Raso perimeter awnings
Opera bioclimatic pergola with Raso perimeter awnings

Not by chance, during rainy days the blades of the bioclimatic pergola can close completely to provide protection: rainwater is piped inside the gutters, which are completely concealed within the aluminium uprights and then drained sideways or underneath the structure.

Thanks to the bioclimatic technology, the outdoor becomes a space for well-being to be freely enjoyed in any season. A versatile environment enhancing the house and offering concrete advantages for business and hospitality spaces as well.

2. Bioclimatic pergolas: context of use

A custom-made planning designed around specific space, installation and use requirements makes the contexts of use of bioclimatic pergolas of Pratic almost unlimited.

In residential sector, the bioclimatic shading systems enhance terraces, gardens and rooftops, thus creating new open-air rooms to be used in original ways. Not only open-air living rooms, yet Pratic pergolas provide space also for dining rooms and kitchens outside, home offices, home gyms and refined outbuildings at the poolside.

Likewise, for the business and hospitality sector, the contexts of use of bioclimatic pergolas open up new functionality and comfort horizons. Restaurants, Spa and wellness areas, lounges and small private livings renew hotel and restaurant dehors elegantly by expanding and optimizing the available space.

Brera bioclimatic pergola with retractable blades
Brera bioclimatic pergola with retractable blades

From the narrowest surfaces up to large open-air areas, hence, every environment finds its ideal solution thanks to the possibility of creating customized configurations, which naturally blend into any architectural context:

  • Bioclimatic pergolas in niches are structures without uprights placed between two walls or inside existing cavities. In this way, space is managed smartly, creating a modular shading suitable for terraces, patios and small dehors.
  • Wall-mounted bioclimatic pergolas, on the other hand, are the most suitable option for increasing indoor space. In fact, one side of the pergola is placed directly against the outer wall of the building, creating a unique environment resulting in verandas and winter gardens, feasible on terraces too.
  • Self-supporting bioclimatic pergolas can be installed separately from the building and with no support required. The perfect solution for creating new open-air rooms in gardens and rooftops, but also in urban settings such as squares and pedestrian areas.

Self-supporting or wall-mounted bioclimatic pergolas can also reach wide dimensions simply by installing more modules side by side to create unique and original configurations.

3. The bioclimatic pergola

Maximising the usability of your bioclimatic pergola is also a matter of accessories.

Among these, perimeter glazing allows the outdoor space to be enjoyed in cooler seasons and during rainy days. Available in fixed or sliding version and with hinged door, Pratic glazing of the Glass Series guarantees discreet yet refined aesthetics combined with certified resistance to wind, air and water.

On the perimeter, Raso drop-down awnings offer a wide range of fabrics for a double function: shading and privacy. Moreover, when rolled they are completely hidden, as they are integrated within the horizontal profile of the bioclimatic pergola, only 22 centimetres thick.

Should the need instead be to create light, Pratic lighting systems provide the best option to experience the pergola even at night. White spotlights integrated into the blades or freely placeable along the uprights can be combined with dimmable RGB Led stripes outlining the inner profile of the covering.

Opera pergola with Raso perimeter blinds, Slide Glass 60 windows and Led lighting
Opera pergola with Raso perimeter blinds, Slide Glass 60 windows and Led lighting

Lastly, Pratic has designed the modular Set platform equipped with a patented compensation system aiming at increasing the insulation of the bioclimatic pergola and resolving any slopes and unevenness of the ground, with the result of a perfectly flat surface on which to install the pergola. Made of aluminium, Set is customizable with any kind of finish for the walkable area and with RGB Led strips.

4. Automations for the bioclimatic pergola

A further advantage in terms of comfort and ease-of-use is represented by the automations for bioclimatic pergolas: state-of-the-art home automation systems allow for the management of each element of the covering in a practical and intuitive way, also remotely.

The rotational or sliding motion of the blades as well as the opening of drop-down awnings and the lighting switching on and off can be adjusted with a multiple channel remote control only or easily by smartphone or tablet.

However, the automations for the bioclimatic pergola embrace the technology of vocal assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home too, which are able to understand any request and create custom-made scenarios for well-being.

Automated management via remote control, smartphone or home automation systems
Automated management via remote control, smartphone or home automation systems

Fully compatible with any other home automation system already installed in the building, automations for bioclimatic pergolas of Pratic are available also with weather sensors. This solution not only protects the pergola against possible damages caused by rain, snow and wind but also optimizes the building energy performances, since the sensors measure the sunrays intensity in real time, thus guaranteeing the perfect shading conditions through the motion of blades and drop-down awnings.

5. Bioclimatic pergola prices

It is precisely the choice of automations, accessories, size and finishes that determines the price of each bioclimatic pergola which for Pratic always represents a unique custom-made piece.

That’s why, to know the cost of the most suitable bioclimatic pergolas for your outdoors, the best way is getting in touch with a specialized dealer, who will be able to make you a custom-made quotation, considering the specific needs of use, installation and budget. 

Connect pergola with mirrored glass windows and Led lighting

6. Bioclimatic pergola: the permissions

The integration of a bioclimatic pergola into your outdoors could require some permissions and formal stages, which vary depending on the project, the installation site and the regulations of each municipality.

Also without any particular architectural restriction, typical of historical city centres or palaces, is often required to advance notice of the work to the neighbours and the relevant municipal offices to verify the feasibility of the intervention. 

For this reason, in the design phase, Pratic dealers offer a specialised advice regarding the permissions for the installation of bioclimatic pergolas, so as to proceed with timely and accurate fulfillment of each legal obligation.

Domestic living under the Brera pergola P

7. Maintenance of the bioclimatic pergola

A regular maintenance of the bioclimatic pergolais the best way to maintain long lasting beauty and efficiency.

Just a few simple routine interventions guarantee the correct and safe functioning of the pergola, with the result of a long lasting performance of each technical and electronic component. Before using the product, it is recommended to check for the absence of foreign objects within the range of the pergola, which could obstruct the movement of blades, drop awning or sliding glass walls.

For an efficient maintenance of the bioclimatic pergola, it is necessary to remove carefully any leaf, branch and any other element that may be deposited after storms and strong wind. At the same time, also the state of water drainage must be regularly supervised, in order to prevent any obstruction that may slow down the water discharge. 

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