Pratic awnings, the history and elegance of Castello di Spessa

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Sun shading at Castello di Spessa is also a choice of style and refinement, which has been renewed for more than twenty years through the distinctive lines of Pratic awnings. Nestled among the hills and vineyards of Friuli, the Wine Resort&Spa boasts an eight-century-long history and a prestigious location, where light becomes the element that enhances comfort and hospitality.

The task of regulating the natural lighting is entrusted to more than thirty awnings: each made with customised aluminium frames and designed, together with the Gorizia-based retailer Tappezzeria Pavesi, to fit perfectly into the many stone niches that distinguish the period residence.

Those positioned on the first floor of the main building are an intense blue colour, where, even before shading the restaurant rooms, Pratic’s patented covers play a substantial decorative role, completing the Castle’s aesthetics and becoming an iconic detail. Thanks to their timeless design and high resistance performance, in more than two decades, only minor maintenance work and a few replacements of the acrylic fabric covers have affected the original solar shading project, which has just recently been extended to include the area of the new Vinum Spa.

Five new awnings furnish the entrance and the large windows of the wellness area, characterised by arches up to 250 centimetres wide. The curved shapes of the blinds emphasise their profile, while the warm white shade chosen for the micro-perforated fabric echoes the colour palette of the interiors, inspired by pure relaxation.

Even when open, the dome awnings soften the light that pervades the spa, preserving the view of the pool and the surrounding natural landscape for a unique and highly immersive wellness experience.

Project: Tappezzeria Pavesi
Photo: Flavio Graffi


Product Selene
Location Capriva del Friuli

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