Pratic is an Italian company that designs and manufactures high-performance and uniquely designed pergolas and awnings. Its history goes hand in hand with the experience and innate ability to create quality outdoor solutions, perfect in any architectural context, in private homes as well as in contract market spaces.

Its design and production excellence makes Pratic a leader in the international outdoor sector, with a range of solutions allowing the enjoyment of outdoor spaces in total comfort all year round.   

An expression of the best Made in Italy creativity, Pratic was established in 1960 in Ceresetto, a small town in the province of Udine, in the north-east of Italy. The beginnings were already characterized by precision and attention to detail, which were duly applied to the first models of timber-framed awnings; so much so that just five years were enough to witness the birth of the first Pratic patent that marked the first entryof the so-called “dome” awning on the market. 

Constant research allowed the inauguration of new types of awnings that embellished outdoor areas. The awning became a quality solution to create comfortable shade, but also to attract new customers in public premises.

The eighties saw the birth of the arm awnings, which protect larger surfaces with elegance and practicality, due to accurate research that led to new goals in terms of product performance and aesthetics. 

An exciting new phase was ready to commence with the production of the first pergolas, top-level solutions destined to dictate the future rules of the outdoor market. At the beginning of the new millennium, Pratic continued the journey that its founders, brothers Bruno and Giuseppe Orioli, had started over half a century ago, with commitment. 

This extraordinary history of excellence is continued today by the same family and is led by brothers Edi and Dino. From the timber-framed domes to the bioclimatic aluminium pergolas, the reason behind Pratic’s success is an authentic open-air culture and the passion for designing solutions that enhance every setting and provide a true atmosphere of well-being for people.

From design to manufacturing – always exclusively Made in Italy – Pratic offers a complete range of solutions for sun, wind and rain protection, using fine materials and high-quality fabrics, certifications and rigorous testing, promoting the culture of the sector to all resellers and partners. 

All the awnings and pergolas come to life in the Pratic Concept, the workshop of ideas within the company. Research, design and development are the basis of Pratic’s team work, where architects, technicians and design schools are committed to finding new solutions and anticipating market demands.

North-east, in the hills of Friuli

The principle of excellence was also applied during the construction of the Pratic headquarters, a distinguished example of industrial architecture celebrated at an international level and winner of significant design awards.

Innovative, functional and meticulous in every detail, since 2011, the Pratic headquarters has immersed and perfectly integrated into the Friulian hills settings of Fagagna, in the province of Udine. Twenty thousand square metres designed by the architects GeZa (Gri and Zucchi) which host the executive, project management and operations offices, the production area and a large showroom. 

The 2018 expansion made it possible to double its size reaching its current surface area: today Pratic has a state-of-the-art in-house paint system.

Pratic headquarters is a space of pure design where light, accuracy, simple lines and the use of clean energy dominate, the latter being the principle influencing all the plant’s choices that take into account environmental sustainability and energy self-sufficiency. 

Around the world, with commitment and passion

Today, Practic’s pergolas and awnings are present throughout the country with over 850 stores and a well-established brand diffusion in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria. Authorized resellers offer a wide range of products, a design service and after-sales assistance. Pratic’s growth is constant, allowing it to operate in the markets of North Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.