Pratic, a supreme expression of Italian creativity, was founded in Ceresetto, a town in the rolling hills of Italy’s north eastern province of Udine. It is the 1960s. The company’s earliest efforts are marked by precision and attention to detail, perfectly applied to the first models of wooden-frame awnings. In only five years the first Pratic patent is issued, heralding the appearance of “dome” awnings on the market for the first time.

Continual research allows us to come up with new types of awnings that enhance outdoor spaces. The awning becomes a desirable solution not only to create much-needed shade, but also to attract new customers to public premises.

The Eighties see the birth of the arm awning – an elegant and practical concept that protects even larger surfaces. Thanks to careful study and research, the product reaches new heights in performance and aesthetic effect.

An exciting new phase opens with the production of the first design pergolas – high-quality solutions destined to be a future benchmark for the outdoor furnishings market. We are now at the cusp of the new millennium, and Pratic proceeds unwaveringly along the path set by its founders, brothers Bruno and Giuseppe Orioli, more than half a century ago. This extraordinary tradition of excellence is still preserved today by the same family, now guided by brothers Edi and Dino. Whether it is wooden-frame awnings or bioclimatic pergolas in aluminium, Pratic’s success is all down to its decision to embrace open air culture and its passion for creating solutions that enhance any environment and produce genuine well-being for people.

From design to manufacture – exclusively Made in Italy – Pratic offers a comprehensive range of solutions ensuring protection from sun, wind and rain, using the highest-quality materials and the finest fabrics – all subject to rigorous testing and certification. The result is a unique company culture visible to all resellers and partners.

All awnings and pergolas come into being in Pratic Concept, the company’s in-house laboratory for new ideas. Research, design and development are at the heart of the Pratic team’s work, involving architects, engineers and design schools, all intent on finding new solutions and predicting market demands. Its design and manufacturing excellence places Pratic at the very top of today’s international outdoor furnishings industry, with a range of solutions to create outdoor spaces for private homes and contract areas.

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Beauty starts here

The principle of excellence is also expressed at Pratic’s headquarters – an internationally celebrated example of industrial architecture that has won major design awards.

For architects. With architects

One of Pratic’s distinctive features is undoubtedly its ability to meaningfully engage with the principles of architecture.

A new colour

In 2018 Pratic created a cutting-edge coating facility, giving the market the opportunity to create outdoor furnishing projects of any size and in any colour.

Colour Collection

Colour is an essential element in the design of architectural spaces. We have dedicated investments and research to the theme of the use of colour.

Research and Progress- Pratic

In 2018, a collaborative venture with IULM – University of Languages and Communication of Milan, and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, gave rise to the first neuroscience study organised by Pratic

Pratic Soul