Beauty? A matter of brain

10.21 — Pratic Mag

Beauty is a matter of brain and design is a source of well-being for people. Pratic is glad to present...

Pratic presents the new 2021 press campaign

03.21 — Corporate

The advertising image chosen for 2021 strikes for simplicity of shapes and gestures. Black and white are the colors that paint a context of absolute simplicity.

Green Pea, il primo Green Retail Park si trova a Torino

At Green Pea, Pratic signs sustainable outdoor

12.20 — News & events

Pratic is one of the best sustainable companies selected by Oscar Farinetti for Green Pea, the world's first Green Retail Park for environmentally friendly shopping.

Pratic redesigns the winter garden with Glass Series

07.20 — Pratic Mag

A selection of panoramic glass walls which redesigns the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Three versions: sliding, fix and with swing door, that share the minimal design and the advanced technology thus offering guaranteed performances as regards air permeability, water and wind resistance.

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