Awnings: how to choose

09.23 — Product

In the outdoors or as glass walls protection, awnings are the essential furniture to enhance the light and climate comfort...

Pratic redesigns the winter garden with Glass Series

07.20 — Product

A selection of panoramic glass walls which redesigns the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Three versions: sliding, fix and with swing door, that share the minimal design and the advanced technology thus offering guaranteed performances as regards air permeability, water and wind resistance.

Brera: open air bioclimatic technology

12.19 — Product

They are the perfect summary of design, technology and wellness; they contribute to the reduction of pollution processes with an...

Osteria Aquila Nera chose Opera

06.19 — Product

A project built and narrated together: by Pratic and Luca Masarotti. “We have long felt the desire to offer more...

NOMO: new generation pergola

10.15 — Product

ed eleganti. Totally made of aluminium, equipped with a retractable cover on guides, NOMO is a new generation structure. Each...