Open Air Culture

Mies van der Rohe, Padiglione di Barcellona

Universal shapes: from mind to design

02.24 — Open Air Culture

Pergolas and awnings have become part of our daily lives, defining the open-air spaces of shops, restaurants, hotels and private...

Designing happiness is in our nature

11.23 — Open Air Culture

The fifth neuroscientific research by Pratic called “My Dream House” has once again set itself an ambitious goal for those...

Garden is the new living

10.23 — Open Air Culture

It is time to say goodbye to distinctions between indoors and outdoors. New lifestyle trends lean towards fluid environments without...

Speaking the chromatic language

09.23 — Open Air Culture

A marker of current trends, an aesthetic detail, a touch of customisation: in architecture colour can be all of this...

Indoor meets outdoor

08.23 — Open Air Culture

Outdoor structure and new indoor/outdoor interaction Outdoor space of any type and dimensions is a key focus for architects and...

The wellness rhythm of light and shade

07.23 — Open Air Culture

From sleeping to concentration, hunger and body temperature; each of these aspects is governed by hormonal secretions, produced by the...

Cucina da giardino sotto una pergola Pratic

Outdoor kitchens: chef’s outdoor

06.23 — Open Air Culture

Practical and cosy, the major conviviality place that, depending on the chosen configurations and design, conveys a customised style in...

Tech Comfort: Design domotics

06.23 — Open Air Culture

The Internet of Things is making ground across Europe, with annual growth of 40% in Italy alone. Interpreting the new...

Terrace furnishing: tips and ideas

04.23 — Open Air Culture

Apartment? Yes, but with balcony. These two words may nowadays reconsider real estate advertisements and reveal the way you intend...

Pergola bioclimatica in un dehors di ristorante

How to create an outdoor dehors

02.23 — Open Air Culture

A small sky corner is enough to open wider views for your home or business. We are clearly referring to...

Pratic Mag #02

Pratic mag #02, dialogues on outdoor

01.22 — Open Air Culture

Outdoor. And it’s still the future. The second edition of Pratic Mag #02 is ready to fascinate design enthusiasts in...

Beauty? A matter of brain

10.21 — Open Air Culture

Beauty is a matter of brain and design is a source of well-being for people. Pratic is glad to present...

Pratic presents Lively Colours

03.19 — Open Air Culture

Red helps to excel in competition, blue and green serve our reasoning and problem-solving, yellow is very useful for generating...