Exclusive and environmentally friendly technologies, to create protected, comfortable and elegant areas.

In private buildings as well as in public environments, the desire to live in the open air grows, thus enjoying a perfect comfort and a refined design. Bioclimatic pergolas manufactured by Pratic, equipped with adjustable blades to optimize protection from the sun, ventilation and temperature, create an ideal habitat in all conditions.

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They are flanked by the new generation pergolas manufactured by Pratic, made with excellent, cutting-edge performance and aesthetic materials. These designs open new scenarios and possibilities, in harmony with the style and philosophy of the current architecture.

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Brera B

Brera B is customized and made up of aluminium profiles that are conceived to take up a minimal amount of space and to discreetly adapt in pre-existing spaces.

Brera P

Designed for those who love 360-degree freedom: blades compact creating a window to the sky. Brera Premium is the fully-equipped...

Brera S

Brera S offers functionality and technology: a solid but soft on the eyes structure with compactable sunshade blades. Brera S can be enhanced with Slide Glass windows.


Nomo's profiles and dimensions combine an essential shape and greater efficiency. The special bending of the canvas profiles allows the water to flow easily into the tilting gutters, guaranteeing perfect waterproofness.


Adjustable blades with up to 140 degree rotation, maximum aesthetic, and perimeter closures make the Opera pergola a comfortable and usable space throughout the year.


Functional and refined, the Rialto pergola allows for the creation of large covered spaces, thanks to the possibility of supporting multiple modules, up to 38 square meters. Sliding windows and Zip Windy awning integrated into the structure allow total perimeter closure.


Elegant design and climate comfort make Vision the ideal pergola for any outdoor space. Its structure, designed for total perimeter closure, is also made with special milling, specifically designed to hook the profile containing the awning.